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Semi-Custom Invitation Suites or Custom: Which Is Right For You?

Semi-Custom Invitation Suites or Custom: Which Is Right For You?

Much like a tailored dress or a renovated home, invitations can be made to fit your unique style. Whether it’s for an event or your wedding day, getting something crafted and printed just for you is a special touch that can tie every element together and surprise your guests. If exploring the waters of custom invitation suites is something you’d like to do for your event, you end up having to make the tough decision between Semi-Custom and Custom Invitations. Both types of invites have their unique merits, but making this choice depends on a set of factors based on your special circumstances.

You Want Something Bespoke  

If you’re the type of person that has to personalize every aspect of their event, from the flowers to the exact dinnerware to the overall experience, going with fully Custom Invitations is your best bet. By doing so, you can let your inner artist come out. You have a complete say in the type of paper, the lettering, the design, the color—whatever your heart can dream up. With a patient designer by your side, making custom invitations is a one-of-a-kind experience that lets you be the master of your event, giving your guests the first peek at what’s to come. Once all is said and done and your invitations have been printed, you have created a keepsake that you can show off for years to come.

Some people believe that things should be left to the experts. If you feel like personalization can take a backseat on your invites but you still want something unique and tailored to your particular event, you should consider Semi-Custom Invitations. These invites have templated design elements, for example, the paper type, layouts, or colors. Having Semi-Custom invitations lets organizers be more flexible so you don’t have to customize every single aspect of the invitation. But, this type of invite still let you work with the designer to include must-have style elements that suit your occasion.

Time’s On (Or Not) On Your Side

When creating invitations for an event, a wedding or even a birthday, time is a huge consideration. If you need a speedy turnaround on your invites but still want something unique, Semi-Custom invitations are an ideal choice since the templated elements mean less time spent in the design process. The time-starved bride or event organizer can still get an eye-catching piece that kicks off their event with a bang without the time commitment. If you have plenty of breathing room between the send date of your invites and the big day, Custom Invitations are a great choice since you get to participate in all aspects of the process. From the initial concepting to sampling color swatches to choosing the printing method, you get to have a voice in every single step. Being a part of this process and seeing your invites come to life is a special once in a lifetime experience that you can cherish and value.

If The Budget Fits

Breaking the bank on invitations is unlikely—but not unheard of. Some ambitious brides and grooms want their wedding invitations to be a sense-experience that feature beautiful fragrances, striking images, innovative packaging, and even gifts! Usually, organizers use these next-level ideas as inspiration because no one wants to break their budget on just the invites. However, if you have plenty of money set aside, around $1,000-$5,000, for your invitations there’s nothing to worry about! Generally, if investment and price is something that concerns you, choosing Semi-Custom invites will be the best option since these are often less expensive. The invitations will still be high-quality but cut back on much of your design freedoms. Custom invitations are often seen as the more expensive alternative. However, if you find a designer that understands your budget, needs, and limitations, you can still have that made-just-for-you experience without the heavy price-tag.

All in all, every bride and groom or organizer just wants something beautiful that they can cherish for years. Maybe they want to have a special memento that they can showcase in their home? Or maybe they want something that they can pass down as an heirloom to future family members? Whatever the motivations, you can't go wrong when contemplating between Semi-Custom or Custom Invitations. As long as you choose what's in your heart and what’s right for you, you won't regret it.